102 Industrial Boulevard

Winter Haven, FL 33880 

Lavash Wrap

12" Round Plain

Mfg. Code 50058

Kosher Parve

5" x 10" Rectangle

Mfg. Code 50107

Kosher Parve

Lavash Roll Up

9" Square Plain

Mfg. Code 50091

Kosher Parve

Donut Croissant Dough


Mfg. Code 80003

Kosher Dairy

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2890 West State Road 84, Unit 103

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312

6" x 16" Rectangle

Mfg. Code 50062

Kosher Parve

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Using old tradition and know how along with modern technology to produce consistent, quality products.

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We were recently made aware that our company's name is appearing on a FedEx label enclosed with a check.

This is a SCAM.  DO NOT deposit the check and please report this to your local authorities.  

Croissant Donut

This trendy new donut combination will have a line out the door. It's a delicious combination of a croissant and a donut. Making this a rich and flavorful signature item for any bakery display. Simply proof, fry and fill.

Donut Croissant Dough


Mfg. Code 80002

Kosher Dairy

12" x 9" Oval

Mfg. Code 50098

Kosher Parve

Lavash Roll Up

12" x 16" Rectangle Plain

Mfg. Code 50126

Kosher Parve

Lavash Wrap

10" Round Plain

Mfg. Code 50095

Kosher Parve

Lavash Roll Up

12" Square Plain

Mfg. Code 50118

Kosher Parve

8" x 18" Rectangular Perf

​(4" x 18" each)

Mfg. Code 50028

Kosher Parve

Donut Croissant Dough- Straight


Mfg. Code 80001

Kosher Dairy